Ver´ti`cle: an axis or hinge; a turning point.

Your organization needs to make a change but has failed in the past. Why? Improper implementation, lack of buy-in, etc. Here's how we do things differently.

80% of strategic initiatives fail… Why?

  • Unclear objectives or goals
  • Lack of alignment
  • Not engaging or energizing employees
  • Lack of feedback
  • Improper tools and resources
  • Lack of transparency and communication strategies
  • No sustained momentum through the initiative

Verticle Change for maximum velocity.

Executive Alignment

1Any good change adoption strategy starts with thorough change assessment, defining metrics, high level scoping and selection of champions for the project.

Org Readiness

2High level mapping, data collection, and creation of communication strategy.

Diagnostic Planning

3Project selection, team member identification, tools and resources needed for each project.

Transformation Projects

4Deploy focused teams, execute on improvements and remove barriers, communicate quick wins.

Sustain & Control

5Ensure metrics drive desired behaviors, document new processes and adjust as necessary to meet organizational goals, ensure feedback system is in place for transparency and knowledge sharing.

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Bob Conrad

Founder & CEO, Verticle Change

Meet Bob Conrad

Bob Conrad has worked in leadership and consulting roles with large and small organizations in many industries. His passion to improve processes and lead teams in effective change adoption has resulted in increased profits, shorter processing times, and happier employees. “I love facilitating change and overcoming resistance. There is nothing better than resolving process issues while engaging employees in a positive manner.” Bob earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Lamar University. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and received a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management from Rice University.